Mogo Natural Anti-Mosquito Repellent | Insect Deterrent | Large

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Style: Mogo on the Go

Size: Large (95cm x 168cm)

100% Natural, Compact & Lightweight!

Simply rub the fabric together to "activate" the advance insect repelling technology

🚫🦟No Chemicals | No DEET | All Natural

🚫🦟World's First Patented Technology Anti-Mosquito Wear

🚫🦟Unique "No-Bite-Zone" Technology with Constant Protection

🚫🦟Suitable For Adults, Children, Kids, & Including People With Sensitive Skin

🚫🦟Repels Over 3000 Biting Insects With Instant Protection

Large is our full-size product providing superb protection. 
The versatile fabric can be used to protect you in variety of ways. 

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